Examination Regulations

Unless the indicated otherwise the words below have the following meanings:
The university: The University of Khartoum.
The administration: The administration for University Requirements.
The Department: Any of the 5 department which carry out the Teaching.

The Regulations: -
The student has to complete 375 hours of the university requirements subjects distributed as follow:
a) Islamic Culture 90 hours.
b) Arabic Language 90 hours.
c) English Language 90 hours.
d) Sudanese Studies 45 hours.
e) Computer Studies 60 hours.

*Every subject is separate and is accordingly evaluated.

* The student has to sit for a written examination in the end of each semester or academic year (first or second year).
* These subjects are considered core subjects and are treated like other core subjects.
* The students who are absent more than 25 % of the subject lectures without an acceptable excuse are prohibited from the examination and are considered failing the exam.
* Each subject is assessed on a 100 mark scale distributed in 7 below.
*Class work 30- 40 % of the total marks, and the written examination is 60-70 %.
The pass mark is 40% or according to the system in the specific faculty.*
*The student will not be transferred to the next level if he/she does not pass the university requirements subjects.
*The examiner has to assure the confidentiality of the examination, no body except those responsible for the exam can see the question paper.
*Each examiner has to prepare the final as well as substitutes and supplementary examinations.
* The examination paper has to be submitted hand-written or typed with head of the department's signature on it.
* If the examination was prepared by more than one examiner, every examiner is either collectively or individually responsible for the examination.
*The examinations are written in addition to assignments or class work given to students.
* The optional questions should be on the same level with similar marks, if the compulsory questions weigh differs, the mark should be specified.
* Each examination paper should be headed as: University of Khartoum -Name of the Administration-The Faculty- The Department- The subject of the examination-date and duration.
The lecturer is responsible for allocating the marks*
*The faculty board discusses the result and forwards it to the council of department heads to approve it on behalf of the Administration Council.
*The department and the academic office keep a copy of the result and the original copy is given to the faculty.
* The answer sheets are kept for 6 months under the responsibility of the head of the department to be consulted if needed, then is disposed by the head of the department and the director of the Administration.
* Any student has the right to submit a re-correction application to the Academic Affairs in not more than one month after the announcement of the result.
* The department forms a committee of three to re-correct the paper and the result is sent to the Academic Affairs.
* Non-Muslims are not obliged to sit for the Islamic Culture, but must sit for any other subject (totaling 90 hours) specified by the Administration
*The students who do not master Arabic Language (reading/writing) are special cases. The Administration must be informed from the beginning of the academic year.