News and Activities

Self-evalution Unit

News and Activities

  • Seminars

           The Unit conducted a one day seminar entitled " The Culture of Self-evaluation and Quality Assurance".

  • Visits

           The head of the Unit visited Soba Hospital in the tour organized by the Administration of Self-Evaluation and Quality Assurance.

  • Workshop

           All members of the unit participated in the first and second training workshops organized by the Administration of Self-Evaluation and Quality Assurance


1. Hala Salih Mohammed Nur ( Department of English Language) Head of Unit
2. Abdel Halim Alturabi (Department of Sudanese Studies) Secretary of Unit
3. Ekram Dafallah Alfadel (registrar) Deputy Head
4. Omiam Sid Ahemd (Department of English Language) Member.

About Self-Evalution

The Self-evaluation Unit at the Administration for University Requirements is responsible for the process of self-evaluation and quality assurance. It was established with in accordance to decree number (22) from the University Code for 1995. The Unit came into existence with the administrative rule number (4) in 2008. The Unit works closely with the Administration for Self-evaluation and Quality.


Self-evaluation Unit has many objectives, some of which can be summed as follows:


  • Measurement of activities and events of AUR and the disclosure of inputs and processes.
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the AUR systems, based on the objectives set for AUR.
  • Provision of database and information on all inputs, processes and outputs of the AUR.
  • Connecting the administration of AUR with all self-evaluation activities in the University.
  • Informing and educating the staff at AUR with concepts of self-evaluation and quality assurance.
  • Preparing AUR for evaluation and accreditation.
  • Supervision of the AUR website