Department of Sudanese Studies

The Department of Sudanese of Studies teaches 45 credit hours in first and second years in all the university faculties. Sudanese studies informs the students about Sudanese culture ,character and history and many other important topics about Sudan.

Staff Members




Assistant Professor

Ibrahim Saeed Nuser Ibrahim


Assistant Professor

Hassan Hamid Hassien Mushieka



Sara Osman Mohamed Ahamed



Abdel Haleem Hassan Abdel Raheem



Samaya Mohamed Hmed Elseed


Teaching Assistant

Mohammed Adam Abdel Rahman


Teaching Assistant

Wafaa Hassab elrasoul Hashim Awad







The objectives of teaching Sudanese Studies are to:


  • Give the students the knowledge of the fundamentals of Sudanese history.
  • Strengthen the student feeling of unity and nationality.
  • Inform students of characteristics of Sudanese character.
  • Inform students of the facts about Sudan natural resources.
  • Inform students about economic life in Sudan and its development.
  • Inform students of the educational philosophy and its most important developments.
  • Show students the origin, objectives, development ,systems of study, and regulations of the University of Khartoum. Also show the role of the University in promoting development in Sudanese society and higher education and as the mother of all Sudanese universities.
  • Enable students to understand environmental ethics and to understand regional and world environmental problems so as to be good citizens in using natural resources.
  • Encourage students to maintain their local environment and better use of its resources.
  • Enable students to understand the basics of good planning for more self sufficiency.

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