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Course Name: Computer fundamentals
Course code: ح102
Catalog Description:


This course introduces students to the basic features of PC Hardware and the software Windows operating system, and is appropriate for Windows NT, 2000, XP or VISTA users. Students will get oriented to the key Windows features, work with desktop properties, learn how to customize their work environment and have practical training in some general applications.



Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to exhibit competencies in the following six areas:


  • Introduction to Computers, Windows and Microsoft Office - Students will be able to define commonly used computing terminology, identify the components of a computer, identify and select appropriate software to match the application to be performed, know the purpose of the operating system and execute basic commands.


  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word) - Students will be able to create, format, and modify documents and utilize a variety of additional Word features.
  • Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) - Students will be able to build, format and graph spreadsheets, use formulas and functions, and create Web pages using Excel.
  • Database Management (Microsoft Access) - Students will be able to create tables, forms, and reports, and query and print tables.
  • Introduction to Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint) - Students will be able to design and build a slide presentation using a variety of layouts and features.
  • Computer Ethics/Social and Legal Issues - Students will be able to identify types of computer




Course Grading


Practical & lab exam 20%
Assignments & attendance 10%
Theoretical & final exam 70%


Course Outlines


Topic Hours needed


  • Introduction 2
  • Historical background 1
  • Computer Generations 1
  • Computer classification 1
  • Computer Component 5
  • Networks 2
  • The Internet 2
  • Number System 4
  • Algorithms & DFD 3
  • Introduction to Database 2
  • Introduction Statistical pachages 1






  • introduction to computer
  • الحاسوب والبرمجيات الجاهزة) محمد بلال الزغبى)
  • الحاسوب وتطبيقاته





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